'Still Life with Metal' Oil 30x40

‘Still Life with Metal’ 30×40

'Two and a Half Bottles' 24x24

‘Two and a Half Bottles’ 24×24

'Sense of Time' Oil 30x30

‘Sense of Time’ 30×30

'Red and White' Oil 30x30

‘Red and White’ 30×30

'Pipe' 18x24

‘Pipe’ 24×18

'Sounds of Music' Oil 36x18

‘Sounds of Music’ 36×18

'Conversation' 24x24

Conversation’ 24×24

'Two-I' Oil 48x48

‘Two-I’  48×48

'Two-II' Oil 36x36

‘Two-II’  36×36

'Two-III' 40x30

‘Two-III’ 40×30


'Oblivion' 48x36

‘Oblivion’ 48×36


'Woman with Braid' 60x20

Woman with Braid’ 60×20

'Young Man' 40x30

‘Young Man’ 40×30

'Woman with Yellow Scarf' 40x30

‘Woman with Yellow Scarf’ 40×30

'Raven' 40x30

‘Raven’ 40×30

'Maria' 40x30

‘Maria’ 40×30

'Anticipation' 24x24

‘Anticipation’ 24×24

'Anticipation II' 24x24

‘Anticipation II’ 24×24

'Still Life with Pendulum' 20

‘Still Life with Pendulum’ 20×20

'Untitled' 20x20

‘Untitled’ 20×20

'Teapot' 16x16

‘Teapot’ 16×16

'Last Cup' Oil 20x20

‘Last Cup’  20×20

'Supper for One' 18x18

Supper for One’ 18×18

'Green Apple' 12x12

‘Green Apple’ 12×12

''Still Life with Blue Bottle' 12x12

”Still Life with Blue Bottle’ 12×12

'Tomato' 12x12

‘Tomato’ 12×12

'Plate with Orange' 12x12

‘Plate with Orange’ 12×12

'Threads' 20x20

‘Threads’ 20×20

'Lilia in Vase' 20x20

‘Lilia in Vase’ 20×20

'Untitled' 12x12

‘Untitled’ 20×20

'Reflection I' 18x18

‘Reflection I’ 18×18


'Reflection II' 18x18

‘Reflection II’ 18×18


'Young Man' 36x24

‘Young Man’ 36×24

'Dreams' 24x30

‘Dreams’ 24×30

'Librarian' 24x30

‘Librarian’ 24×30

'Rejection' 20x16

‘Rejection’ 20×16

'Untitled' 24x24

‘Untitled’ 24×24

'Teapot and Lemon' 12x12

‘Teapot and Lemon’ 12×12

'Time and Chance' 12x12

‘Time and Chance’ 12×12

'Measurements' 30x30

‘Measurements’ 30×30